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WW: Hire the Best Freelance Writers to Make Business Boom

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For some people, the term gig economy brings to mind services like ride-sharing apps or odd jobs like walking dogs. But the gig economy also includes freelancing, something that’s been around since way before Uber. As Forbes explains, what has changed in recent years is that more people are seizing the numerous opportunities to find freelance work. For a business owner who needs help with marketing projects, this can be both good and bad. The pool of quality writers and editors is more extensive than ever, but you also have to sort through the less qualified freelancers to find the good ones. That’s why we compiled these tips to find and hire the right person whenever your business needs high-quality outsourced content.

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#1 – Defining the Role You Need Filled

Before you start looking for the right freelancer, make sure you brainstorm precisely what you need help with and how that fits your larger goals. Are you considering a freelancer to fill a role that’s outside your expertise? Or are you looking for help because you’re short on time? In most cases, filling an essential role that your team can’t do as effectively, such as hiring a high-quality content writer, is the best use of your hard-earned dollars. That is because bringing a content pro on board can help your business grow, which we all want to achieve!

Besides thinking carefully about what you need, take some time to consider what you don’t need from a freelancer. For example, any small business has to stay on top of financial tasks like invoicing clients and requesting estimates. That may be more than you can do effectively on your own, but would it be the best use of your investment to hire help? You may be better off using software like FreshBooks or Square Invoices to make managing invoices quicker and easier, allowing you to spend your time and money elsewhere.

#2 – Finding and Paying Qualified Candidates

An excellent way to start searching for a candidate is word of mouth. The internet is full of freelancers, but your network can be just as effective at pointing you in the right direction. If you know any other businesses in your industry that have outsourced content, ask around to see if they can recommend a quality content writer they love.

Of course, sticking with your network can also be limiting. If you search online to find more possibilities, one option is to use an online job site like Guru or Upwork dedicated to connecting all kinds of freelancers with jobs. These sites give you a large selection of writers, and you can view rates and reviews of potential candidates.

Before hiring freelance writers, make sure you have a secure payment method to compensate them for their work and pay them on time. If you’re hiring domestically, you can use many affordable payment platforms, or you can use a bank transfer service if that’s your preferred method. However, if you’re hiring writers from abroad, the costs of sending money through a payment portal can be considerable. Instead, find a money transfer service that offers secure, fast, and low-fee transfers. For instance, if you need to pay writers in India, Remitly offers express or economy payment options with little to no fees.    

# 3 – Choosing the Best Person for the Job

To make sure you end up with the best candidate, revisit what you did in the first step and then flesh that out in more detail. For example, if you’re looking for a quality content writer, you need to be clear about what exactly you want that person to accomplish. Do you need content for a brand new website, a comprehensive marketing plan, or occasional blog posts? Make sure you include the scope of the work, along with other expectations, in the job description.

And when you find a candidate who seems to match what you’re looking for, Spark Hire recommends giving them a test project. You don’t have to commit this way before getting a sample of the work they can produce fully.

Of course, whenever you find the best candidate, you don’t want to risk losing them! Freelancing may have been around for a while, but the rising popularity is an excellent opportunity for business owners. Finding, hiring, and working with the most qualified freelancers will move your business in the right direction, which is why it’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

Guest author: Courtney Rosenfeld

Courtney Rosenfeld began her career in the gig economy after several years of enviously watching others do the same thing. She started Gigspark to be a resource as a “first step” for people looking to join the gig economy, either as a supplement to their income or to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

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