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WW: Keep Career Burnout at Bay with These Self-Care Tips for Professionals

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Career burnout is a real thing. While every industry has workers who experience it daily, burnout is prevalent among busy professionals. Typically caused by stress and (or) overworking, career burnout comes with a slew of physical, mental, and emotional health consequences—from a weakened immune system to chronic fatigue, from social isolation to mental collapse.

Burnout can not only seriously hinder your performance at work, but it can sink its teeth into your personal life as well.

If you’re a professional working hard to climb that ladder or close those deals, you are or might be at risk of career burnout. And there’s only one way to avoid it: you have to take care of yourself. Consider these self-care methods to help you keep burnout at bay in this guest post for Jenn Greenleaf.

Delegating Errands

If you’re super busy at work, chances are your time is severely limited when it comes to life’s responsibilities. Simple tasks like doing the laundry, cleaning the house, and picking up groceries can quickly become tasks that bring you the most stress.

While you might not always like how your partner or children handle specific tasks, offloading chores can be a great way to limit your home workload. Alternatively, if you can budget for it, consider hiring a freelance personal assistant to run errands, help with paperwork, or help you stay organized. It’s also wise to look into what you can order for home delivery.

Working Out

Exercise can be a game-changer when you’re stressed out. Make time to work out for 30 minutes to an hour each day. The higher the intensity of your movements, the less time it takes to reap the physical and mental health benefits. For instance, you can get in fantastic shape by doing HIIT for 30 minutes, five times a week. Also, look for other ways to add movement to your day, especially when you can’t find time to workout. For example, walk throughout the office, park further away, or take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Eating for Nutrition

Like exercise, diet is essential to your overall health, and it can go a long way in helping you avoid career burnout. Try limiting the sugar and processed foods you consume, instead opting for cleaner, more nutritional selections. You can’t go wrong with lean proteins, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.

For when you have weak moments, keep some healthy snacks on hand. A few protein-packed options like hard-boiled eggs and apples with nut butter can keep you satisfied and give you the energy boost your body needs.

Making a Point to Rest

The CDC recommends at least seven hours of sleep nightly for adults. If you fail to hit that number regularly, chances are you’re limiting your work performance, not to mention reaping physical, mental, and emotional health consequences. Prioritize sleep in your schedule.

Also, make time to rest during the day; taking five minutes to stretch and collect your thoughts can do wonders in reducing stress and helping you stay focused. Furthermore, take advantage of your vacation time; stepping away from work for a week or so can ultimately help you prevent burnout and even advance your career.

It’s also a good idea to separate your work from your personal life if you work from home. By taking steps to set up your workspace, one that promotes productivity as well as comfort, you can close your office’s door so that it doesn’t intrude on the rest of your life.

Wrapping Up

Many people eventually face the risk of career burnout, but by practicing self-care, you can avoid its wrath. Remember to consider a personal assistant to help you with errands, and make exercise a part of your routine. Also, focus on nutrition when you choose your meals, and be sure to get plenty of rest. These tips can help to keep you in tip-top shape, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and your career can also stay in top form!

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Guest author: Courtney Rosenfeld

Courtney Rosenfeld began her career in the gig economy after several years of enviously watching others do the same thing. She started Gigspark to be a resource as a “first step” for people looking to join the gig economy, either as a supplement to their income or to fulfill their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.

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