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CLIP: What Home Staging Is And Why It’s Useful | MYMOVE

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Are you planning to sell your home? When you look around, do you feel overwhelmed by how much decluttering or simplifying you need to do in each space? You’re not alone. In this piece for MyMove, I’m talking about home staging and why it’s useful. I hope it helps you figure out this step in the home selling process.

What is home staging?
What is home staging?

We’ve all seen pictures of gorgeous homes when paging through glossy magazines or perusing decorating websites. Potential buyers expect to be “wowed” when they walk through a home that they’re thinking about buying, just like we want to be wowed when we’re scrolling those home decor sites. Buyers don’t want to see baskets of pet toys or your child’s school photos. Instead, they want a beautifully manicured “blank slate” that they can picture decorating and personalizing. That’s where home staging comes into

Source: What Home Staging Is And Why It’s Useful | MYMOVE

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