Working Freelance Writer
Working Freelance Writer

On Becoming a Travel Writer

On Becoming a Travel Writer

Do you have an interest in launching a lifestyle blog about your travels? Is it your dream to see your travel essays in print or on a travel website? If so, having life writing or autobiographical skills is your first step in those directions. Instead of writing about why you believe your trip was the best, you’ll be inspiring your readers with your stories.

You already have excellent writing and editing skills. However, travel writing is new to you. Potential readers know what they love in a travel essay, as well as what makes them click away. So, with that in mind, I’m going to go over what makes a reader stick around.

Trip Essays: What Keeps Readers Reading

If your story is about your trip, that’s when it’s an excellent idea to share your travel schedule, as well as the names of the restaurants and attractions. Otherwise, readers want to hear about the aspects of the trip that stands out the most to you. Think about ways you would answer this question, “How was your trip?” Instead of providing a rambling answer, keep it concise and to the point.

Paint Pictures with Your Words

How compelling are the scenes you’re describing? Make the snapshots you’re describing great. Give the reader a vivid snapshot, arouse their curiosity with a critical account, and then fill in the story with some background. Then, move into another vivid snapshot and let the reader know about the day-to-day activities during your travels.

Don’t Forget Vivid Descriptions

When you’re painting pictures with your words, take your time while telling your story. Did you see something weird? Tell the reader why. Show the reader why things were incredible or amazing, using vivid descriptions. Your experiences will help the reader understand why you’re choosing your adjectives. Your readers should imagine hearing, seeing, and tasting what you did during your adventures.

Self-Editing is Essential

Re-read your travel essay after it’s set aside for a day or two. Can you see the areas where you need more description? Did you leave out parts of your account? Will any of the essay confuse your readers? Can any rambling or repeated information be edited? Your readers should laugh, feel, learn, or all of the above. If you’re experiencing new horizons or experiences, your essay should inspire your readers to do the same without being preachy.

Breaking Into Print

Once your essay is written and polished, it’s time to research the market and send out queries. Here’s a list of websites listing calls for travel writers:

As you can see, it’s possible to find TONS of opportunities for travel writers. You can also look at the latest edition of The Writer’s Market for where to find print publications as well.

Final Thoughts

If you love traveling, going on weekend adventures, or taking day trips with your family, travel writing may be an excellent fit. No matter if you want to launch a lifestyle blog or query potential leads, it’s possible to reach readers with your essays.

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