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NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY – January 24 – National Day Calendar

National Complement Day

NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY National Compliment Day on January 24th offers a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day or to give credit for a job well done!  Give an extra compliment annually on January 24th and any time one is deserved.  A compliment has a powerful effect. It can instill confidence in a child, or validate someone’s hard work. A compliment not only improves the receiver’s mood, but it also says something about the giver. It tells them you noticed. Whether we recognize someone’s achievement or t

Source: NATIONAL COMPLIMENT DAY – January 24 – National Day Calendar

How did I miss National Compliment Day yesterday?!?! There are SO many people and businesses I want to compliment for helping me build my business to where it is today.

Here goes:


  • ClearVoice: The amount of steady and professional clients I receive through this agency is incredible. There’s also a wealth of resources available on their blog and social media sites.
  • nDash: It goes without saying that, along with ClearVoice, I’m a HUGE fan of nDash. The teams are constantly working to ensure writing teams have a steady flow of work weekly.
  • Word Agents: the entire team I work with – Vin D’Eletto, Liam Hunt, and Chris Valvo – are all instrumental in ensuring their team of writers receive high-quality work opportunities weekly. It amazes me how they manage it all!


(This list could go on forever, and ever . . . so, I’m limiting it and putting it in alphabetical order.)

  • Patrick Algrim: Though our business relationship is fairly new, I have to include you in this list. Your high level of organization and exceptional communication are both appreciated so much. I’m looking forward to seeing how our business relationship continues to grow.
  • Aleya Harris: I can’t begin to express how much your business and opportunties inspire me to do better every week. I feel like I would be much further along with my career goals if we connected sooner. Thank you for being part of my business’s success and for connecting me with other professionals with whom I can build relationships with.
  • Kim Kesmetis: I feel like we’ve known each other for decades and I can’t imagine it any other way. Your passion for pursuing goals and self-improvement are inspiring and instrumental in how I’ve been shaping my business goals. I love that we can chat about personal things and then shift seamlessly into business conversations. I value our connection more than I can express.
  • Angela Tague: Though our connection hasn’t been for very long, I can’t leave you off this list. You’re excellent examples of persistence, positivity, and resourcefulness. Whenever I start feeling “down” about my business, those feelings turn around when I see you working yours.
  • Sharon Hurley Hall: I can’t remember when we first connected but I know it’s been years. I look forward to seeing your business updates and it amazes me how much you accomplish. Thank you for being a part of my journey.
  • Leslie Williams: I love our connection for a variety of reasons. FIrst, your continuous support. Next, the inspiration you continue bringing to my business with your insights and busines-building strategies.
  • Heiddi Zalamar: There are so many years we can count back to when I think about our personal and professional relationship. Though we don’t talk as much as we used to, I still watch how you’re making a positive difference on other’s lives while consistently inspiring self-care in mine.

So many other businesses and individuals have contributed to how my business has evolved into what it is today. I would be listing for hours if I wrote compliments to all of them. Just know that, if I didn’t mention you, that doesn’t mean I don’t value how you’ve helped, inspired, or taught me.

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