Monday Motivation
Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Working Through Challenges

Monday Motivation: Working Through Challenges

Everyone faces challenges no matter if they’re personal or work-related. How we work through them is the trick. Do we wallow in our misery and bring everyone down around us? That doesn’t sound like any fun. It also doesn’t seem like anyone would want to be around us, either. However, when things get tough, those challenges can corrupt thinking and cause us to lose focus or think negatively.

What do we do? Give up? No, that’s not the right answer. We all know that, right? So, what’s the solution?

The most straightforward answer is to look for ways to work through the challenges you’re facing. If you need support, why face these issues alone? Let’s look at it from a freelance writer’s point-of-view:

  • Find a mentor if you’re struggling with how to navigate your career as a new freelance writer.
  • Join freelance writing groups to connect with other writers, socialize, learn from each other, network, and find new leads.
  • Participate in career forums to help understand what’s happening to others in the playing field, best practices, and potential threats.
  • Connect with other writers through social media to receive insights, exchange informational articles, exchange leads, participate in conversations, and build relationships.
  • Look for an accountability partner or group on social media, on a forum, or in a discussion group to help keep you on track with a specific goal or set of goals.

Do you see what I mean here? There are many ways to approach working through challenges from a freelance writer’s perspective. Now, translate this to whatever you may be experiencing and see how you can brainstorm solutions. I hope this helps motivate you to work through challenges instead of allowing them to bring you down.

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