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It’s the Middle of the Month: Time for an Update!

It's the Middle of the Month!

I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve written a proper blog post.

I’m sorry about that!

So, as a way of stretching my writing muscles, I’m going to use that as this morning’s writing warm-up.

Last month, a couple of my anchor clients had to pull back due to budgeting. That happens. As a result, I spent the month working my butt off querying and pitching.

What happened?

I HUGE in-flux of work this month! ?

That’s not a bad thing when you’re self-employed. Trust me. It’s awesome. However, when you’re trying to market on social media, blog, and manage a small digital publication, many things fall by the wayside.

I’ve managed to keep up with social, but I notice my reach is terrible. For example, I have decent followings on each platform, but I’m reaching (on average) between thirty and fifty people in my audience. Sometimes a post will reach over a hundred, like these:

Reached 108 audience members
Reached 125 audience members

I’ve had others come close to two hundred or go over, like these:

Reached 184 audience members
Reached 217 audience members

So, I have to get back on track with that. I also have to get back on track with posting on this blog. Previously, I used a posting schedule. That worked well, but things got too hectic, and I had to chuck it for a while.

I also have to get back on track with Working Freelance Writer. Posting daily on there—yeah, that was my original plan. What happened to that?


Yes, that’s because I AM a working freelance writer. {smiles} See what I did there? ?

I see traffic on the publication, and my subscriber list is growing, both of which I love.

My editorial content plan remains, but I have to fit it into my schedule (along with social media marketing and blogging). Because I don’t want the content quality to suffer, I’m not going to write and post just for the sake of getting “something” new on there.

Instead, you’ll find sporadic updates when I have time. Eventually, I’ll get back into a regular posting schedule when things even out with my new clients. Until then, they remain my priority.

I have a book review I owe C. Hope Clark, as well. I feel terrible about how long it’s taking me to read (a VERY short book compared to what I typically read) and post it to Amazon. What I’ve read so far is GREAT and worth five stars. However, I’m not posting until I finish. It’s on my to-do list; I haven’t forgotten!

Thank you for joining me during this brief update (and writing warm-up). As you can see, I have goals—I’ll summarize:

  • Set up a social media marketing schedule that will increase my business’s reach and, in doing so, hopefully, improve engagement and conversions.
  • Create a manageable blog posting schedule (that’s more than about sharing my most recent clips—that’s boring).
  • Develop an editorial calendar for Working Freelance Writer that sticks.
  • Finish reading Newberry Sin by C. Hope Clark and post the book review!

Next time, I won’t wait so long before posting an update. I hope you’re having a great month!

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