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CLIP: Efficiency Apartment Defined | MYMOVE

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For years, I heard people using the terms “efficiency apartment” and “studio apartment” interchangeably. For example, when I lived in New Jersey, the apartment was small. It had a common kitchen and living room area, with a separate bedroom and bathroom. It was teeny and it seemed like everyone who visited referred to it as an efficiency apartment. It wasn’t, though. In this guide for MyMove, I define what an efficiency apartment is to help others who might be confused about this. ?

What is an Efficiency ApartmentIf you want to rent a small apartment, you’ll see many terms in your search for one, including efficiency apartments. You might be wondering, “What is an efficiency apartment,” and is this the right choice for me? Not only does an efficiency apartment refer to small units, but efficiency housing is also more affordable than most other apartments. If you would prefer not to live with a roommate or are looking to downsize, these rentals might be the optimal solution.

Source: Efficiency Apartment Defined | MYMOVE

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