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CLIP: Efficiency vs Studio Apartment: What’s the difference? | MYMOVE

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When I was still young (those were the days!) and thinking about where I wanted to live, the idea of a studio apartment came to mind. Back then (when things were so much easier, but we all wished we were adults), I hadn’t heard of an efficiency apartment. In this guide for MyMove, I explain the differences between an efficiency and a studio apartment.

Efficiency Apartment vs Studio ApartmentWhen you’re searching for the ideal small apartment, you’re going to see many terms in rental ads, most notably that the terms “studio apartment” and “efficiency apartment” crop up a lot. And that they’re both a little unconventional compared to your average apartment search. Neither a studio nor an efficiency apartment have private sleeping areas. The only exception is if you find a studio apartment with a loft sleeping area.

Source: Efficiency vs Studio Apartment: What’s the difference? | MYMOVE

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