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CLIP: Best 5 Innerspring Mattresses for Your Back

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With all the mattress types on the market today, it’s not surprising that consumers aren’t sure which is the best pick. In this guide for MyMove, I’m talking about which innerspring mattresses are best for back sleepers. I hope this information helps with your purchasing decisions – thank you for checking it out!

The best innersrping mattresses
The best innerspring mattresses.

What is an innerspring mattress? Compared to foam or latex, innerspring mattresses — AKA traditional coil or spring mattresses — are considered one of the oldest types of mattresses on the market. Consumers love innerspring mattresses because they’re comfortable, durable, and simple in construction. This doesn’t, however, make picking the right one a straightforward process. To help, we put together a guide of our top five innerspring mattress contenders.

Source: Best 5 Innerspring Mattresses for Your Back | MYMOVE

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