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Are You Waiting for 2019?


December begin this coming Saturday. It marks the final month of 2018. Have you set your 2019 freelance writing goals? Are you waiting for 2019 to change your business model? I’m not waiting for the calendar to dictate when I should make changes. Instead, I’m making these decisions now. While I typically let the New Year inspire these decisions in the past, this year I’m not. Instead, I’ve been asking myself, “why are you waiting for 2019?”

Why Are You Waiting for 2019?

Looking at a blank calendar is similar to staring at a blank screen. It’s intimidating and, for some, could lead to blocks. However, if you change your mindset, this doesn’t have to occur. Take the last part of the sentence I just wrote, for example.

“lead to blocks”

Change that to:

“ledes for clients”

Spin the negativity and career blocks into positive opportunities. In doing so, it will help you move forward now instead of waiting for 2019. You’ll be asking yourself why you’re waiting around for things to happen. Instead, you’ll be making changes. You’ll be proactive with your writing career.

What Are My Plans for 2019?

Because I’m talking about “not waiting around,” I do have plans for 2019. I’m working on them now, but many of them aren’t rolling out until January 1st. For example, I have blog posts I’m writing ahead of time and scheduling. Why is this important? Scheduling blog posts ahead of time frees me up to complete other freelance writing work and marketing.

Implementing Tools for a Successful 2019

I have my editorial calendar set up for the entire year and, of course, it will tweak as the year unfolds. However, having this blueprint is essential. I can refer to see:

  • Where my business is heading
  • If the products and services I’m offering are still relevant
  • How my keywords are performing
  • What’s happening regarding engagement and outreach
  • Any areas where I need to improve

What Are My Favorite Tools So Far?

I use a variety of tools to run my freelance writing business daily. I find new tools each week and test them regularly. The ones that stick around and “make the cut” will appear in blog posts as “favorite tools” from time to time on here. I’ll discuss their pros, cons, features, and benefits. Here’s a run-down of what I’m using now:

  • Grammarly’s Premium Service: I was using their basic, but I find their premium features are well worth the investment. I’ll outline why in a future post.
  • I’m behind the curveball on this one, I’m sure. I just found out about the site this year. Two of my clients asked me to write at a lower grade level using this site. I thought it was strange but, since then, more clients have been requesting its use.
  • Canva: here’s another I’m behind the curveball on as I just found the site this year. I’ve been experimenting with the basic service and love it so far.

Stop Waiting for 2019

Instead of waiting for 2019, work on your business goals now. Your freelance writing business can thrive today. Begin by taking out a pencil and paper, brainstorm your goals, and then develop an action plan. You’ll be surprised how quickly goals develop into strategies, and plans turn in to results.


  • rachana

    When I’m working on long-form articles, I might make the same point again and again. Hemingway doesn’t flag this kind of repetition. If anybody else has this issue, INK has a feature that tags repetitive sentences and phrases.

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