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After Being Ridiculously Sick

After Being Ridiculously Sick

. . . . it’s time to get back to the grind! It’s a new week AND a new month. So, let’s get the ball rolling!

Here’s what our community is going through:

100 BRHS, BRES students out with sickness over past week

“Alternative Organizational Structure (AOS) 98 Superintendent Keith Laser released absentee numbers due to sickness for the week of Jan. 31. Boothbay Region School Nurse Kate Schwehm informed Laser around 10:30 a.m., 30 students and one staff member were out at Boothbay Region High School, and 47 students and two staff were out at Boothbay Region Elementary School.” Read more…

That’s a LOT

Considering how small our elementary school and high school are, that’s a LOT of absences. It’s been crazy.

This sickness hit my youngest son first, and then it hit me. The cough is still hanging onto my son, which I heard is normal. I’ve talked to several members of our community with this and they describe this thing lasting for several weeks. Thankfully, my husband hasn’t gotten this (only the sniffles) because it hurts his surgery sites to cough hard or get sick to his stomach (both of which are symptoms or this ridiculousness.).

Overcoming the Challenges

Needless to say, working and doing our taxes has been quite challenging. I’m still exhausted today, but I’m upright and can breathe. So, I’m in my office working on assignments. I’m hoping the dose of DayQuil I took will last until lunch. (My fingers and toes are crossed!)

I’m not giving up, though. I communicated with all of my clients and, I know I say this a lot, I work with an incredible group of people. Some of them are experiencing this illness, as well, so those people are even more understanding.

It’s time to conquer this week! If you’ve also been sick – I hope you’re feeling better and are ready to hit the ground running!


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