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A Lot Going on in My Corner of the Freelance Writing World!


As many of you know, the cold (flu?) hit our household and knocked me out of commission for eight days last month. As a result, the work on my calendar snowballed. I tried setting up a contingency plan when I felt the symptoms coming on, but they hit me too fast.

Today, I’m nearly dug out – only two more assignments to go before I’m officially “not behind” anymore. The stress has been ridiculous. However, I work with a group of extremely understanding people. They’re incredible and that helped take a lot of the stress out of this situation.

What are my plans?

I’m SO glad you asked! A lot of exciting things are happening in the background of my little corner of the freelance writing world.

  • I relaunched Mainely Motherhood: Initially, this site was active around seven years ago. However, “life” got in the way, and I had to let it go. Now? It’s time to relaunch! I hope you’ll join me over there as I continue developing the site.
  • Another guest post from Dary Cudmore is scheduled to appear on “Writer Wednesday.” I hope you’ll join us here for that. You can check out Writer Wednesdays for a complete rundown of guest writers for this site.
  • I’m working on a new design (layout?) for this site. I know, I know – I change it a lot. I’m trying to be better about not being so picky and failing miserably. We’ll see if I can settle on something!

Thank you for being here!

I should say this more often and I’m sorry I don’t. I want to thank everyone who comes by my little corner of the freelance writing world to see what’s going on, listen to me ramble, and approach me about the work you need. I appreciate that SO much! In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, showing gratitude can easily slip through the cracks. So, THANK YOU!

Until next time, I’d love to hear what you’re working on – share in the comments here or via social media! 😁

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